Welcome to Horne Park Golf Club. A Beautifully Maintained Nine or Eighteen Hole Course

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Golf Course

Golf Course

A matter of course - "An outstanding testing course, that doesn't take all day"

This is how one of Britain’s top European Tour players, Jamie Spence, describes the course.

Horne Park Golf is a delightful course situated in rural Surrey countryside, just a short drive from the M23/M25 and the A22.  It means that many people, including several of the top local professionals find their way to our beautiful 9-hole golf course.

The fact this is a 9-hole course does not deter anyone who has played it. Want to know where one of the 4 professionals and assistants of Horne Park Golf are when they are not in the shop or office? Yes, you’ve got it - out on the course. Golfers can choose 9 or 18 holes, our booking system allows for a smooth continuation as you start your ‘second’ lap. Spring 2006 saw the opening of our new set of tees for the back nine holes, the course was re-measured and now has a par of 69 with a standard scratch score of 66 from the white tees and 65 from the yellow. The addition of these new tees has proved a great success bringing a new dimension to the second nine and bringing the seven water features and the river more into play.

Horne Park Golf Club is a popular choice for golfers based at Gatwick and in the surrounding business areas. Playing golf without fatigue, in a relaxed and friendly environment, means that we have our regulars as well as a strong active group of 360 plus members, who take full advantage of our excellent facilities.  Remember to book early; four days ahead is our system, to avoid any disappointment.

Our golf course has three par 5’s, nine par 4’s, and six par 3’s. The course is meticulously cared for and our records show that even during Britain’s traditional inclement winters, the greens stand up well. Constructed to United States Golf Association specification, the greens are sand based, so you can rely on them throughout the year.

For the nine challenging holes, you may well need all the clubs in your bag. We have seven water features that help make the course both picturesque and eventful! From the 1st dogleg start, up the long 3rd 483-yard par 5, finishing by avoiding the lake on the 9th, Horne Park Golf Club is a pleasure to play and an enjoyable experience. The first par 3 that you come to is the 4th, where traditionally Mercury FM Radio has held their famous ‘Hole in One’ competition. This 195-yard hole involves a short carry over one of our lakes to reach the green that is protected by three large bunkers either side. You will enjoy them all. 

The landscaping of the course and its layout is deceptive. This is due to the intelligent and creative use of natural surroundings including water and trees. The gentle undulating course benefits any less able golfer, who will find it a good place to maintain their fitness and exercise without undue strain.

In the week we are open to welcome you from 07.30 am until dusk, at the weekend from 07.00 am.